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October 2, 2009
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Wonderlandmafia by co-xX Wonderlandmafia by co-xX
First picture of my Blood Dupre cosplay from Heart no Kuni no Alice.The game is just bullshit but the desing of the characters is so lovely :heart: also the manga ist really cute an' worth to read it <3
Actually I think I don't look that good in this cosplay Dx also I worked really hard to sew all the stuff!But all in all I really like it.Especially the hat! :heart:

:iconco-xx: as Blood Dupre // Heart no Kuni no Alice
:iconneni-chan: photographer an' edit
thanks so much cutie~ :hug: <3

Hope ya like it an' thanks for watching :heart:
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Beautiful cosplay *_*
UHH i want your cosplay for this years armageddon!!
how long did that take you to make. looks amazing ;DD
oh well
don't remember xD
but well..I sewed it during my summer vacations~
all in all perhaps a week or two?
Luffy-sparkle Jan 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you look totaly awesome as blood!!!! awww the roses look so beautiful and the hair!!!

faves :D

xxx kanda
haha thanks so much :D
also for the :+fav:
Luffy-sparkle Jan 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem :D would like to ask you if i can take your picture for a video about best selfmade cosplayer *i only take photos with permission*
so would like to ask you ^^

xxx kanda :tighthug: back ^^

really great cosplay
omg thanks for asking me <3~
but pls send me the finished video,okay?^_^ and pls mention myself in the video or in the legend :heart:

haha...again thank you 8D :heart:
Luffy-sparkle Jan 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem it's a matter of being polite to ask someone for the permission ^^
i'll send it to you
didn't i mention *how impolite *lol slap myself *
i will mention who the cosplayer are where the cosplays can be find *

no problem and don't thank me i have to thank you!!!! :D if you know any other cosplayer please tell them or tell me and i ask them ^^
thanks a lot again

bows thank you very much!!
oh yeah no problem at all <3~
you can look in my :+fav:-list there are some cosplayers you probably can ask for permission for your project :heart:

btw thanks also for watching :hug: <3
Luffy-sparkle Jan 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no problem saw your cosplays soooo cute and really good ones i wish i could sew like you!!! and you have a pretty face!!!! i wrote with *i call her sebastianrabbit *it's a beautiful cosplay* from your kuroalice cosplaygroup and she told me about you and neni i think it was
you three have sooo beautiful face!! :hug:

really :love: your pictures ^^
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